Teacher Spotlight

Mrs. Brenda Bauer has been leading the fun and games at STM since 1986. A graduate of Belmont Abbey College, she married and moved into the Arlington area shortly after and God presented her with the career opportunity at STM. The IHM sisters made sure that she stayed.
Mrs. Bauer prides herself on keeping fresh with new ideas, games, and tricks to help children build their bodies. She leads the charge with morning arrival and afternoon dismissal, organizes countless activities throughout the year including, but not limited to, introducing Bal-A-Vis-X to enhance muscle development, the 4th grade Iditarod, the 5th grade circus, the 6th grade kayak trip, the 7th grade ropes course trip, and the 8th grade hike on Old Rag Mountain. Mrs. Bauer always served as Vanna White for our All-School Bingo game, which collected money each year during Catholic Schools Week to send to the IHM Sisters in Philadelphia. There is absolutely no way we could possibly count or tally all of the contributions or enrichments Mrs. Bauer has brought to our community. She touches the lives of our students in many ways every single day.
Her trademark sarcasm connects her with the students, whether she's giving them a reality check ("The only people who think you are special are your mother and God!") or calling her "knuckleheads" back to their spots. However, Mrs. Bauer is so beloved to all students because she demonstrates leading with compassion and a has true dedication to the betterment of the mind, body, and soul of each and every life she touches. 
As an 8th grader said at last week's Thank You Tea, "Mrs. Bauer gave me some of the best memories in grade school." 
That is a legacy worth celebrating. In fact, we would not have a functional gym if it were not for her!
We bid farewell to Mrs. Bauer with a deep appreciation for everything she has done for the STM community and a hope for a calm and relaxing retirement free from carline, orange cones, whistles, and random sports equipment flying towards her at all angles. She will be missed!