Important! Clinic Communications

A Little Patience for our Patients Please
Changes in CDC guidance now mean that students and staff who have experienced covid can be cleared to return to school earlier, but it may not be the case that every child is ready to return to school on the sixth day. If your child is still feeling poorly, coughing frequently, still napping during the day, or are still experiencing fever and chills, please keep them home until those symptoms have resolved.
Boosters For Students 12 and Up
According to new CDC guidance, a person must have their most recent Covid vaccine within the last six months to meet the definition of "fully vaccinated." For many of our 12-14 year old students, this means they will need to get a booster as soon as possible to qualify as being "fully vaccinated" for the purposes of avoiding school exclusion in the event of a positive case exposure in the community or home.
New Testing Options
We are well aware that testing resources remain scarce in our area. Marymount University announced last week that they have opened a testing resource for their staff, students, and the community. Testing is by appointment only through Curative and can be booked here.
As of January 15, health insurance plans will begin reimbursing people for home tests purchased AFTER 1/15/22. Home testing can be a convenient option, but is not currently an accepted test for students testing to return after exposure. Any test conducted by a lab can be used to return to school after an unvaccinated student has been notified of a "close contact."
Have You Read Your Magnus Attestation?
We know it can be easy to breeze through that Magnus checklist at the breakfast table each morning, but we ask that you please be mindful of each question on Magnus and assess your child prior to drop off. Just this week a student displayed very clear signs of contagious illness before 8:30 in the morning. All of our teachers at STM are working extremely hard to create and upload content through the coordination of Mrs. Stocker, to support your child if they need to be home through illness. There is nothing that will happen in the school day for which it is worth sending a sick child to school, especially when the teachers have worked hard to ensure asynchronous work is available from home.
Vaccine Card Upload
Some have continued to struggle with vaccine card upload. Information is available in the 12/15 blast on how to do this from the app. Magnus has informed me that for some people it will work better to upload from a computer, so if you're struggling with the app, please try to add it from a computer. We cannot accept vaccine cards via email or paper copy.
Mrs. Chandra Burnside, MSN, RN, CNL, IBCLC
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