Clinic Communications

Kids and Car Safety
As Mrs. Davis noted in her message this week, Arlington County is moving to support the safety of our community by lowering the speed limit around our school! This is great news, but we have some more work to be done around cars and safety, especially at arrival. Please wait for the cars ahead of you to clear the lot rather than passing around on the left. Passing creates a dangerous situation for our children exiting the cars and for our sixth grade safeties. Please also avoid storing items in the trunk or having anyone exit the driver's side door of the car in the arrival line. If you have large projects or special needs, please park in the cathedral lot and escort your student to the school through the office. 
Vaccination and Quarantines 
Wondering if you should vaccinate your 5-11 year old? While your family's health care providers should be the first place you seek specific advice, it is important for families to know that vaccine status greatly impacts the need to quarantine from school in the case of an exposure outside of school. While we have diligently worked to limit "close contacts" within the school day/building, we have occasionally had students become exposed through sports teams and household cases this fall. Fully vaccinated adults and students are not required to quarantine after an exposure if they do not have symptoms. Fully vaccinated for the purposes of our students means having received 2 doses of the Pfizer vaccine approximately 21 days apart, with a completed two week waiting period following the second vaccine dose. 
Mrs. Chandra Burnside, MSN, RN, CNL, IBCLC
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