What to Do When Your STM Student is Ill

One of the most common questions we get in the clinic, is what to do when your student is feeling too poorly to attend school. Here are some tips and tricks:
1. Please email the school clinic (nurse@stmschool.org), your homeroom teacher and copy the front office (stmoffice@stmschool.org) to let us know your child is feeling under the weather and won't be attending school that day. 
2. Your student will need a health care provider's note to return to school. If they wake up in the morning feeling too poorly to attend school, it is a good idea to reach out to your primary care provider or preferred urgent care to set up an appointment to have them seen. A virtual visit is fine, and a Covid test is only required if the provider orders it.
3. If your child is tested for Covid, they may not return to school until those results are returned to you. If your child happens to test positive, please reach out to the school clinic at nurse@stmschool.org OR 703-528-6781x228 to discuss next steps.
4. Once your child is feeling better, is at least 24 hours free of vomiting, fever or diarrhea, AND has either a negative Covid test result OR a note from a health care provider clearing their return, please bring them to school along with the documentation.
We are definitely seeing students with increased frequency of those symptoms that can be just about anything from allergies to Covid to a sinus infection. By having your student stay home to rest and see a healthcare provider, you are teaching your child to respect his or her body and give their health the attention and care it deserves. It is also far easier to be an active classroom participant when you are feeling your best! Finally, you are also keeping other families healthy by limiting the spread of illness and staying home when ill.