WorkCamp 2021 at the Cathedral

A group of high schoolers at the Cathedral will be participating in WorkCamp, a week-long experience providing the teens of the Diocese with an opportunity to encounter Christ through service, faith, and fellowship.
For WorkCamp 2021, we will not be able to gather for a traditional overnight WorkCamp experience. Still, our mission to serve those in need and provide our teens with an experience of direct service remains. WorkCamp will be held at the Cathedral on June 20-25 with evening program at Bishop O'Connell with other local parishes for dinner, games, activities, music, and prayer.
There is still time to sign up and serve. You must be a rising high schooler to participate. 
We need your help so that WorkCamp 2021 will be a success. First of all, the success of WorkCamp 2021 depends on prayers.  Secondly, we would appreciate donations to support WorkCamp 2021. These donations will cover the expenses of meals and worksite supplies.
Please consider donating to help offset the cost. You can visit our website to donate online. 
With the help of your prayers and donations, WorkCamp 2021 will be made possible. Thank you and God Bless!
For more information on WorkCamp 2021, please contact Maria Paniagua