Letter from Mrs. Busekruz and family

May 17, 2021 

Dear St. Thomas More Cathedral School Community, 

Today is our fireversary (one year since our home fire). You were there for us in many different ways, and we wanted you to know we are forever grateful for the kindness and love you showed to us then and are still showing to us now. 

Our world was in the midst of a pandemic and our country had been in lock down for 2 months. We weren’t going into each other’s homes, hugging, or seeing many people face to face. But on May 17, you each loved us despite the pandemic. Recently, we read a portion of a writing by Pope Paul VI and you all instantly came to mind. 

“Love your neighbor as yourself. As long as you did it for one of these, you did it for me. The Church showed itself to be wholly united around Christ by the bond of charity. Pity for the needy and sick and works of charity and mutual aid intended to relieve human needs of every kind are held in highest honor by the Church...Wherever there are people in need of food and drink, clothing, housing, medicine, employment, education; wherever people are afflicted with serious distress…, there charity should seek them out and find them, console them with great solicitude, and help them with appropriate relief….It is altogether necessary that one should consider in one’s neighbor the image of God in which he has been created, and also Christ to whom is really offered whatever is given to a needy person.” 

Thank you for your acts of charity, for clothing and visiting us, for hugging us and crying with us. Thank you for consoling us and providing for our needs. Although it was a time of serious distress, you walked with us, prayed with us and helped us keep going. 

Our home is still being rebuilt and won’t be ready for several more months. We are moving out of our rental next month and will enjoy life on the road for a bit. Thank you for having a special place in our hearts. May the Lord bless you, guide you, and protect you and your families. We hope to one day be able to give back to each of you as you have given to us. 

Much love, 

The Busekrus Family 

P.S. I miss you all terribly!