Lebanese Taverna School Fundraiser this Friday, April 16th

Hope everyone had a wonderful break! On Friday, April 16 we are partnering with Lebanese Taverna's food truck to bring dinners directly to the community! Orders are packaged family style, and you can add on several items including wine, dessert or mezza.
  • Families will order on-line prior to pick-up on April 16
  • Orders must be received by Friday at 10AM
  • LT will arrive in a truck with all food orders prepackaged and labeled.
  • LT driver will stand at the truck and hand out the food.
  • Reheating instructions are included.
  • STM receives 15% of the sales exclusive of tax and tip.
Food orders will be available for pickup starting at 2:40 Friday afternoon in the area between the Cathedral and the library.  Families should plan to arrive early enough to park in the pick-up queue outside the gate and then walk over to get their orders before going in to end-of-day pick up. If you are unable to get your food order before pick-up, you can circle around after pick-up and park in the Cathedral lot to grab your food order. Orders for families of extended-day students will be picked up at extended day.  
Lebanese Taverna will bring all food prepackaged and labeled for pick-up to zero contact necessary. During dismissal your name will be on a bag and we can hand it to you. There are reheating instructions inside for dishes that should be served hot, but all food is cooked and ready to go! 
If you'd like to encourage your friends/neighbors to also order, you can pick up their meals as well. Every order benefits STM! Lebanese Taverna has been a part of our community since 1979, and the original location is located in the nearby Westover neighborhood of Arlington. And this is a better value than take out! Order today and throughout the week.

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