Race for Education

The Race for Education is Back!!

Ten years ago, we launched a very successful fundraising program called the Race for Education. It is an annual tradition for the students, faculty and others to walk or jog around a designated area of the school to honor the funds we’ve raised to add more STEM-based technology into our classrooms. Through the years, funds have been used to improve the school’s security system; enhance the media center and classroom libraries; and even send a student-built satellite into space! This year’s proceeds will be used for putting additional iPads, laptops and other STEM-based technology resources into the classroom directly for student use.

STEM-based education is the wave of our children’s futures … come be a part of it!

How do I make it happen on GoFundMe?

1. Copy and paste the GoFundMe link to a personal email and forward to as many family and friends as possible. This is also a great opportunity to expand our donation horizons by utilizing your social media presence to get the word out!

2. In your emails and social media posts, personally remind your loved ones how important the STEM curriculum is to the STM children and school community.

3. You may either bcc: the Race’s Chairperson, or forward her the email you sent. For social media posts, simply send her a screen shot of the posting.

4. Please note in the comment field of your donation the student for whom you are donating the money.

How else can I donate to this fantastic cause?

1. You may mail a donation by check to St. Thomas More Cathedral School, F/B/O PTO Race for Education and [name of student], at 105 N Thomas Street, Arlington, VA 22203.

2. You may also make a donation through Faith Direct, athttps://membership.faithdirect.net/enrollment/LiveTransaction_frame.php?id=399 . Please note the donation is made F/B/O PTO Race for Education and [name of student].

3. For current parents of the school community, you may also make donations through your FACTS account! Donation authorization forms will be posted online and distributed via backpack mail.