Sea Perch

“SeaPerch” is a STEM based curriculum project developed by MIT in which students build underwater rovers from a basic kit of everyday materials. The program was introduced at STM as a result of a financial grant obtained in 2010. The program itself is designed to introduce students to the basics of engineering and physics as they learn how to use tools to create an underwater robot, then modify their design, test and troubleshoot electrical connections, and finally remotely navigate their vehicle through a series of underwater challenges! Students participating in the STM SeaPerch Sub Club will generally have the opportunity to enter their robots in as many as two competitive regional events to see how their underwater rovers measure up under pressure against other competitive designs.

The STM SeaPerch Sub Club operates on a two year schedule. The first year focuses on actually building the vehicles and testing them in competition, while the second year is focused entirely on further competition and possible design modifications. Students are generally divided into three or four member teams and work on their designs as members of the team to which they are assigned. Students desiring to participate must wait until the beginning of the next designated “build year” to sign up. “Build years” currently start in September of even numbered years.

Please note: Parent attendance is an absolute requirement for this project. All parents must complete certain paperwork and attend Virtus training BEFORE the first build session in order for their child to participate. All parents must attend all the build sessions and all competitions with their child.