Chickenpox: school exclusion for seven days or until vesicles become dry.

Conjunctivitis (pink eye): Students may not attend if discharge is present and must be treated with medication. A note from the doctor is required to return to school.

Head Lice: Must be louse free and have been treated. Prior to returning to classroom, the child must be checked by the school nurse. Some shampoos require second application. Ask your doctor about the new product Natroba, which is a onetime application of a suspension to scalp with good results.

Bacterial infections: May return once the child has been on antibiotics for twenty-four hours, and is fever free for twenty-four hours(without fever reduction medication).

Vomiting, diarrhea and /or fever: May not return to school unless the student has not vomited for twenty-four hours, has not had diarrhea for twenty-four hours and has not had a fever for twenty-four hours (without fever reduction medication).

Yes, your child may be given over the counter medication and prescription medication only if the following requirements are met:

Must have a signed medication administration form completed by your physician and parent for a prescription medication

Must have a signed medical administration form signed by the parent for an over the counter medication

The medication must be brought to the clinic in the original box by the parent or an adult.  If it is a prescription, the label must be attached to the bottle or medication.  It MAY NOT be brought to school by the child.

We have a two-part allergy form packet that needs to be filled out by the parent and the physician.  If it is necessary, an epi-pen can be kept in the cafeteria or clinic.  Also, we provide allergy reaction information to the class and the teachers.  We provide a nut free lunch table in the cafeteria for students.

Students with food allergies must provide their own snacks for special parties to be stored in a covered container and kept in the classroom.

We have an asthma action form that needs to be filled out by a doctor and signed by both the parent and doctor.  We do not encourage children to carry their inhalers with them.  We would prefer to keep them in the clinic. However, if your child is that severe that a doctor has filled out the form stating he must carry an inhaler with him at all times, it will be permitted.

Your child is not allowed to bring chapstick, cough drops, or other winter remedies to school.  These items cannot be brought to school for your child to self medicate.  If your child is having a problem and needs an item to make them comfortable (comfortable children learn better), please fill out the medication forms completely, sign it, and bring the item and form to school.  We have strict childcare regulations we must follow that prohibit self medication.  Cough drops are discouraged due to choking hazards, though can be given with parent signature on medication form.

Any child using extended day services is required to have a second dose of medication in the extended day office.  Prescription labels must be attached. This is for your child’s safety in case of any emergency.

Any questions or concerns regarding your child for the nurse may be directed to You are welcome to stop by the clinic or call during regular school hours.