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Meet your Teacher!



Welcome to Math! My name is Mr. Dasenbrook and I’m originally from Arlington, Va.  I have a daughter Sarah and son Michael, who are currently in 2nd and 5th grades at STM and St. Pius, respectively.

I love to camp, hike, game, and solve logic puzzles.  I have a moderately extensive comic book collection and own 858 games on Steam.

I was a high school teacher for 13 years before STM.  I taught 3D modeling and animation, networking, and cybersecurity.  Before that I helped build and run my family’s trophy shop.

I graduated from Hard Knock University with a major in discipline and a minor in shenanigans.  Also, the Art Institute of Washington with a degree in Media Arts and Animation with certifications in Cisco Networking and PLTW Cybersecurity.

I’m looking forward to being your STM math teacher!

“Don’t worry about the numbers.  It’ll be fine.  You’ll be fine.  Everything’s going to be fine.  Relax.”