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COVID-19 & Return to School Plan

St. Thomas More Cathedral School and the RAMP Committee have always been committed to following evidence-based science as it relates to our health policies. Evidence from around the world has confirmed that brick and mortar education is safe when such science is followed. It is encouraging to see how our community has voluntarily followed these guidelines and how school has managed to return to full operations post Thanksgiving break.
As you may be aware, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recently updated guidelines for quarantine/self isolation following a known exposure (recall that known exposure is 15 minutes or more within 6 feet, over a period of 24 hours) to an individual who has tested positive for Covid. Effective immediately, St. Thomas More Cathedral School will be adjusting our policy for staff and students to match that of the CDC, as well as a minor update to reflect this change to the final question in the Magnus Health Daily Attestation. The new policy is this:
An individual (staff or student) with a known exposure (15 or more minutes over 24 hours, less than 6 feet apart) to a person testing positive for Covid-19 will need to quarantine for:
7 days from the date of exposure IF they have
a. Tested negative for Covid-19 AND
b. Not developed any symptoms of Covid-19.
10 days from the date of exposure IF
a. They have chosen not to be tested at all for Covid-19 AND
b. Not developed any symptoms of Covid-19.
It is important to note for counting purposes that the day of exposure is considered “day zero,” so counting will begin after that date (as an example, a person exposed on the first of the month, who tests negative after the exposure and never develops symptoms, could return to campus on the 8th of the month).

Dear Parents,


Yesterday Virginia’s Governor announced new COVID-19 restrictions that may have caused some confusion about STM’s return to brick and mortar studies. Please rest assured that the updated social gathering limits do not apply to “instructional educational settings, including classrooms, buses, cafeteria and recess.” (VCPE, 13Nov20)  The second new requirement, mandating face coverings for all aged five and over, has always been part of STM mitigation and will continue.


We will return to our building on Tuesday, 17 November or Wednesday, 18 November, as originally assigned. I look forward to seeing your wonderful children again.


Chat soon,