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COVID-19 Updates

9 March 2022


Covid Update:  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) revised the COVID-19 metrics used for informing communities about mitigation strategies.  Current guidelines align precautions for education settings with those of other community settings.  Therefore, STM has updated Section 1d of the Covid appendix of the Parent-Student handbook to follow the CDC guidance.

The Reader’s Digest Version:  As of Thursday, 10 March 2022, face coverings for students will no longer be considered a part of the school uniform when the Covid spread rating from the CDC is in the “green” or “yellow” status for Arlington County.  Face coverings for adult volunteers/visitors will follow these same CDC guidelines.  Face coverings for faculty and staff members will follow specific requirements established in conjunction with the Virginia Department of Labor and Industry’s Safety and Health Codes and outlined in Virginia Permanent Standard.  This Permanent Standard is in review until 19 March,  when it is anticipated that all mask requirements will be lifted for school employees.  All other STM mitigation strategies (daily Magnus attestation, hand sanitation, social distancing, etc) will remain in place.

20 January 2022


Dear Parents,


As directed by the Diocese of Arlington, Governor Youngkin’s Executive Order Number 2 (EO2) will be in effect for our school starting on Monday, 24 January 2022. EO2 requires schools to allow parents to opt out of masking policies. Please review the attached directive from the Office of Catholic Schools.


STM will continue to promote Covid mitigation measures including mask wearing, vaccinations, distancing and hand sanitation as we have all year. In compliance with EO 2, we have established a procedure for parents who wish to opt out of the masking policy. Public health guidelines regarding isolation and quarantine remain unchanged. Parents should read the opt out form linked above carefully prior to signing, and understand that unmasked, unvaccinated students have an increased risk of quarantine for themselves.


I also ask that you prayerfully consider your response to this directive. I understand that some of our families greet this news with great enthusiasm while others are experiencing the opposite. Please carefully consider your role as primary teacher for your children. They emulate your reactions and learn how to carry themselves in times of discord by watching the adults around them. Rest assured, all children in our building will experience Christ-like kindness whether or not their parents have chosen to opt out of our mask policy.


Should you have concerns or questions, please refer to the FAQs published on our website, and of course, I am available should you need to reach out.



St. Thomas More Cathedral School and the RAMP Committee have always been committed to following evidence-based science as it relates to our health policies. Evidence from around the world has confirmed that brick and mortar education is safe when such science is followed. It is encouraging to see how our community has voluntarily followed these guidelines and how school has managed to return to full operations post Thanksgiving break.
As you may be aware, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recently updated guidelines for quarantine/self isolation following a known exposure (recall that known exposure is 15 minutes or more within 6 feet, over a period of 24 hours) to an individual who has tested positive for Covid. Effective immediately, St. Thomas More Cathedral School will be adjusting our policy for staff and students to match that of the CDC, as well as a minor update to reflect this change to the final question in the Magnus Health Daily Attestation. The new policy is this:
An individual (staff or student) with a known exposure (15 or more minutes over 24 hours, less than 6 feet apart) to a person testing positive for Covid-19 will need to quarantine for:
7 days from the date of exposure IF they have
a. Tested negative for Covid-19 AND
b. Not developed any symptoms of Covid-19.
10 days from the date of exposure IF
a. They have chosen not to be tested at all for Covid-19 AND
b. Not developed any symptoms of Covid-19.
It is important to note for counting purposes that the day of exposure is considered “day zero,” so counting will begin after that date (as an example, a person exposed on the first of the month, who tests negative after the exposure and never develops symptoms, could return to campus on the 8th of the month).

School Opening Details for 2021-22Back-to-School-1280x720.jpgGreat News! Published: 7/28/21

After careful review of Virginia Department of Health (VDH) newly published guidelines, I am reassured that our strategies to reopen last school year were in lockstep with the science-based best practices recommended by public health officials in federal agencies, and accredited medical associations. The most current guidance from VDH and data driven advice from Virginia Department of Education (VDOE), give our school the opportunity to review and adjust our mitigation strategies for the upcoming school year. Based on a consistent, science-based approach, the following mitigation measures will be followed to open the 2021-2022 academic year.

-Indoor masking.  Updated contact tracing guidelines suggest that having all elementary school community members continue to wear face coverings during the indoor portions of the school day will ultimately result in fewer classroom closures even in the event of a positive case at school. STM will require a solid color, disposable, surgical mask or 2-ply STM designed gaiter while indoors.

-Outdoor activities.  Repeated studies have shown that masks are not necessary outside.  Recess, Physical Education, Outdoor Classrooms, and other outdoor activities will NOT require mask wearing.

-Covid exposure/quarantine.  The new VDH guidance indicates that in a setting where all students are masked, regardless of vaccine status, said students will not be considered “exposed” in the case of contact with another masked person who tested positive for Covid.  This means that in most cases, classmates of students who tested positive will NOT be required to quarantine, and classroom instruction will continue for anyone not Covid positive or exhibiting Covid like symptoms.

-Attestation.  Magnus daily attestation meets the VDH guideline of encouraging parents to monitor the health of their children prior to the start of the school day.  STM will continue to require Magnus attestation prior to morning drop off.

-Illness.  Students who show signs of illness, including but not limited to a temperature of 100.4 or higher, vomiting, diarrhea, or respiratory symptoms not contributable to another condition, must present a note from a healthcare provider prior to returning to school.

-Social Distancing,   While outside for lunch-recess, students will be able to traverse the entire play ground and will not be restricted to cohorted areas of play.

-Live Performance.  Sacraments, milestone celebrations, pageants, and performances will once again have in person, unlimited parent/grandparent audiences. Beloved community events like Thrilling Thursday, Oktoberfest and Country Christmas will return to the STM calendar of events.

-Volunteers.  Masked and appropriately attested volunteers will once again be welcomed into our building.

-Vaccines.  In accordance with VDH, CDC and AAP guidance, we will continue to promote vaccines for those who are eligible.

Brick and mortar education is the superior modality for elementary education and continuity of such has become a hallmark of STM.  In the 2021-2022 academic year, it will remain a priority.  Review of all mitigation practices will be reassessed weekly for situational awareness and to continuously inform planning.  Ongoing modifications to mitigation policies will be rooted in science and, as always, will be transparently shared with the community.  

Through these policies, I remain committed to providing your children with the best possible education:  mind, body and soul.  


Dear Parents,


Yesterday Virginia’s Governor announced new COVID-19 restrictions that may have caused some confusion about STM’s return to brick and mortar studies. Please rest assured that the updated social gathering limits do not apply to “instructional educational settings, including classrooms, buses, cafeteria and recess.” (VCPE, 13Nov20)  The second new requirement, mandating face coverings for all aged five and over, has always been part of STM mitigation and will continue.


We will return to our building on Tuesday, 17 November or Wednesday, 18 November, as originally assigned. I look forward to seeing your wonderful children again.


Chat soon,