Welcome to Mrs. Busekrus' Fifth Grade

Welcome to Mrs. Busekrus' 5th Grade Class!

I teach Religion, Reading, and Science and Mrs. Pacheco teaches Math, English, and Social Studies.
I am thrilled to have you in my class this year!
Let's talk about Distance Learning and how your child will access and complete work during the spring closure of school.
Here are the steps:
1. First, your child is to complete the THREE SNOW DAYS of Snowflake Studies assignments that went out in November. If your child cannot find the folder, here is the link. This will be their school work for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday - March 17-19. Any choice that involved snow cannot be chosen. This work is to be turned in when we return to school.
2. As of Friday, March 20, Google Classroom will start. Your child needs to login to BOTH
Mrs. Pacheco's and Mrs. Busekrus's classroom to find assignments for each day. Here are the codes:
5-1 Religion, Reading, Science
5-1 Math, Social Studies, English
5-2 Religion, Reading, Science
5-2 Math, Social Studies, English
Here are additional codes your child will need for specials and resource teachers:
Mrs. Rimicci - Grades 3-5 Resource- Google Classroom Code: gv4gqrd  
Mr. Mendoza - Art
            5-1   Pacheco        oyrcdkt
            5-2   Busekrus       mqjnm6s
Ms. Scully - Music Fifth Grade: gkonpls
Mrs. Bonilla - Spanish - 5th grade qmla6o3
Mrs. Bauer - P.E.
          5-2 Busekrus:   zclroto
          5-1 Pacheco:   brxrd7k
3. Students will be expected to work for approximately 3 1/2 hours each day. 
4. Updates or changes to these plans will appear here and on Google Classroom "Stream". 
Thank you for your patience during this time. We encourage students to work independently as much as possible on these assignments. They should not need much help from parents. If they have a pressing question, they are to ask the question on the Google Classroom "Stream" associated with the assignment of concern.  The "Comments" are to be used only between students and teachers and not as a forum for student chat. We are all in this together and we look forward to supporting your child to the best of our abilities during this time. 
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