Battle of the Books

An Invitation to All 6th Graders

To Read with the Battle of the Books Club!

When: Every week on Tuesdays during recess and lunch

Where: STM Library

Each year the Office of Catholic Schools, along with the Northern Virginia Catholic Library Association, sponsors a Battle of the Books competition for 6th graders across the diocese.

All 6th graders are welcome to join STM’s Battle of the Books Club and attend meetings during the school year, as long as you’ve submitted a signed permission form, which will be sent home the first week of school, and read the listed books.

Please read as many books over the summer as you can. This will help when we begin school so you will not feel overwhelmed with the 15-book assignment! Take good notes and be ready to ask plenty of questions. Please note that My Side of the Mountain by Jean Craighead George is a required summer reading book for all 6th graders and The Trumpet of the Swan by E. B. White is our One School, One Book selection for September. Please wait to read this book with the entire school at the beginning of the school year. 

I hope you like these books as much as I do! Our first meeting date and meeting schedule will be announced at the beginning of the school year.

The Battle of the Books program also has 4 copies of each of the selected books for students to sign out on a first-come, first-served basis. We ask students to return books as soon as they finish so others may also sign them out. Copies are also available in the public library as well as on Amazon or any local bookstore.

We encourage parents to participate by either reading the books along with your child or making sure your child has time to read and come ready to participate each week. Please contact Mrs. O’Rourke with any questions .

Get ready to share in fun activities and discussions with your classmates! In May, 2019, we will choose five members of our group to represent us in the diocesan competition and battle 22 other schools in an “It’s Academic”-type setting. We will all go along to cheer on our teammates. It’s both exciting and fun to see what all of us have learned during the year.

Again, please read ahead and use your time wisely! I look forward to seeing all of you in August. Have a blessed and peaceful summer.


Mrs. O’Rourke, Librarian,