6th Grade

St. Thomas More Cathedral School follows the Curriculum Guidelines of the Diocese of Arlington Catholic Schools. The core curriculum consists of instruction in the following subjects: Religion, Reading, Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Spanish.

Students also participate in the following special classes:

Art, Library, Technology, and Physical Education.

A variety of instructional methods are used including cross-curricular units, cooperative groups, direct instruction, discovery learning and hands-on activities. Homework is assigned to review lessons and practice skills.

An optional instrumental band program during the school day and an after-school choir program supplement music instruction. The instrumental band program is offered for grades 4 – 8 and the choir program is available for grades 3 – 8.

The instructional program is supported through the following: Resource Program, Educational Field Trips, Guest Speakers, and Community Service.

A word from our teachers about 6th grade…

Sixth grade is a wonderful year for the development of the growing independence and responsibility of students. Students are enthusiastic to enter the first year of middle school because of the many new opportunities that become available to them. For example, it is their first time to change classes every 45 minutes independently, it is their first time to have four academic teachers, and their first time to participate in a Service Day. The sixth graders learn responsibility for the safety of others because they are St. Thomas More’s Safety Patrol. The Safeties help every day with the arrival and dismissal of over 400 students.

With regard to academics, the Old Testament is studied in religion and the Ancient World is studied in Social Studies. In math, we spend a lot of time reviewing and learning new concepts in math and geometry. Games and independent investigations are incorporated into all classes. One of the most enjoyable things in the sixth grade is Greek Day, which is held in the spring to culminate our study of Ancient Greece. During Greek Day (at this point, we will have studied Ancient Greece for about a month and have been grouped in city-states for many other group activities), we dress in chitons (basically Greek togas!), perform plays for Pre-K through 5th grade which are student-written (based on Greek myths), have ancient Greek activities in all of the classes (play strategy games, solve labyrinths, make kaleidoscopes, perform ancient Greek science experiments), have a traditional Greek buffet lunch, and participate in the Olympics (with the city-state groups competing against each other). Another great activity for 6th grade is our field trip kayaking.