4th Grade

St. Thomas More Cathedral School follows the Curriculum Guidelines of the Diocese of Arlington Catholic Schools. The core curriculum consists of instruction in the following subjects: Religion, Reading, Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and Spanish.   Students also participate in the following special classes: Art, Library Skills, Technology, Physical Education, and Music.   A variety of instructional methods are used including cross-curricular units, cooperative groups, direct and differentiated instruction, discovery learning, and hands-on activities. Homework is assigned to review lessons and practice skills. An optional instrumental band program during the school day and an after-school choir program supplement music instruction. The instrumental band program is offered for grades 4 – 8 and the choir program is available for grades 3 – 8.   The instructional program is supported through the following: Title I Program, Resource Program, Educational Field Trips, Guest Speakers, and Community Service.


A word from the teachers about 4th grade…

The fourth grade students participate in many fun activities to complement the subjects studied. Writer’s Workshop is one of the highlights of the day in fourth grade and the students publish many pieces to share with parents at an author’s celebration hosted by the students.  Another area of study is the history of Virginia. Students go back in time and live in the time of the American Revolution and Civil War. Fourth graders often have docents come in to share artifacts of the time and special activity days. Fourth Grade Science Units are exciting:  electricity and circuit building, constructing weather instruments and using them to collect weather data for analysis, and performing plant experiments to name a few.  There are typically in-school science presentations and a field trip to support the curriculum. Students meet with prayer partners often and participate in many community-building activities such as crafts, plays, reading, and hosting a classroom restaurant. Regular use of software programs, technology, robots, and Rokenbok engineering kits enhance our instruction and are fun at the same time.  Students participate in a STEM challenge related to an area of study each quarter.