Summer Reading and Math

Summer is a wonderful time - it is a time to relax, to travel, to have fun, and to explore. 
It should not be a time to lose the knowledge that students have attained during the school year. Research has shown that students lose two to three months of knowledge and skills over the summer. Most teachers need to use the first few weeks of school to review and catch up instead of jumping into new concepts. Studies conducted by various universities have shown that summer learning loss can be reduced by reviewing skills with workbooks and working on comprehension by reading. 

The faculty members of St. Thomas More Cathedral School recommend students use some type of workbook to practice math and language arts over the summer, along with reading as much as possible. Class reading lists and any assignments to be completed over the summer are located at right hand bar of this page. A link for you to purchase the Summer Skills books that we have been using for several years for math and language arts practice is below. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask your teacher.

Link to purchase Summer Skills Workbooks

Updated: June 2016