The St. Thomas More Cathedral School Band provides students in grades 4 through 8 the opportunity to join a terrific extracurricular activity through which they can learn how to play a musical instrument while also making friends and enjoying the company of their fellow students who share a common interest – making music and having fun in the process!

The STM Band has been in existence since 1974, and its current Band Director, Mr. Barry Ward, has been involved with the band since 1977!

The band operates as an integral part of the school’s overall curriculum by seeking to broaden each student participant’s appreciation for importance of music in our lives, as well providing the opportunity to develop whatever individual talents they may possess in this very fun-filled and enjoyable field.

Students wishing to join the band must be in the 4th grade or higher. New participants with little or no previous musical experience will form the beginner portion of the program. Students with prior musical training or who have played in the band for at least one year generally make up the Advanced Band.

Lessons are given once a week every Thursday for about 30 minutes while the Advanced Band meets every Thursday during lunch to practice together. Concerts are given at school in the winter and spring for parents and friends of all the budding young musicians! Advanced Band members also generally participate in the annual Diocesan Band Festival as well as usually one other competition during the school year.

The band is always interested in welcoming both new and returning members to fill out its ranks at the start of each new school year, and no student should ever hesitate to join for fear of not having the talent to learn how to play. As we like to constantly remind our students: This is elementary school. This is where every child has the opportunity to try new things, to find out what they are good at, and to develop whatever talents they might have -- whether they’ve ever wondered whether they have any such talents before or not. Education is about learning new things and discovering new things about yourself that you might never have known about unless you were willing to give something new a try!

If interested, or even if just curious, contact Mr. Barry Ward at < > for additional information or questions.