The curriculum at St. Thomas More Cathedral School encompasses the sequentially ordered learning experiences which the school provides for its students. The total curriculum includes the development of Catholic values and attitudes, as well as the attainment of knowledge and skills necessary for the student’s spiritual, moral, intellectual, social and physical development. In addition, the curriculum provided to students in pre-school through eighth grade is one of continuity and challenge-- recognizing the individual needs and gifts of each student. We pledge to motivate each student toward developing their capabilities to the fullest potential. We strive to instill a passion for knowledge and a quest for excellence.

The basic curriculum for the school (but not necessarily for each grade level) includes the following subjects: Religion, Reading, Language Arts (English, Spelling, Handwriting), Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Fine Arts (Art and Music), Health and Safety, Physical Education, Computer Education, Library and World Languages.

Curriculum Guidelines

St. Thomas More Cathedral School operates under the auspices of the Office of Catholic School for the Diocese of Arlington.  Here are the Curriculum Guidelines for the Diocese of Arlington: